Personal Point of view – Edale Aged Care Rest Home

With our park like surroundings and modernised spacious rest home, Edale is a relaxing environment to be a part of during the twilight years.  Edale is a forward thinking rest home and we are constantly changing and evolving to meet new requirements, that we believe our residents may wish for in the future.  An example of this is making WIFI accessible to all residents in their rooms so they can communicate with family via SKYPE etc.

Edale has had for a number of years the same staff which has enabled a secure and trustworthy relationship between the residents and their Health Care Assistants.

Edale also has a great communication base between staff, families and residents this is primarily due to the continuity of staff which in turn makes us a great family unit.

Edale staff know every one of our residents and village residents by their names also because we are small and intimate we know a lot of their immediate family members as well.

We have a weekly program with a variety of activities and outings for all of the residents to enjoy which is planned by our experienced Diversional Therapists.

All our staff are continuously trained to the standards as requested by the DHB.  A lot of our staff do further educational development by choice and Edale supports them completely.

Edale is very fortunate to have community support which includes a well-executed Friends of Edale who do so much behind the scenes work for us, and is much appreciated by staff and residents alike.