Care Philosophy

Our mission statement encourages our team to support and enable the older adult to maintain their dignity and independence, through well thought out, inclusive and individualised care plans.

By placing the residents needs and wants at the centre of all our services, from Diversional Activities, meals, care, and family interaction, we are able to ensure a sense of wellness and contentment right until end of life.

We are a quality facility which meets international standards through various service deliveries, according to residents’ physical, social and mental needs.

Point of Difference

Edale is a place for people to live with dignity and joy, surrounded by staff able to expertly care for them.  Edale places each individual at the centre of our facility, as we are well aware that we work in their home. Our small number of beds means that no one is ever overlooked. We have time to know each resident as an autonomous personality, and with almost no staff turnover we are able to provide that all important familiar face for when a resident needs a laugh, cry or just a conversation.