The local farming community along with Churches and service clubs helped established Edale in 1980. Edale served the community well for 35 years, with aged care increasing and the available rest care homes in the district decreasing; with your support Edale will be able to continue to serve the community and outlaying districts. It is important that we are able to provide hospital care to ensure that the elderly of the district will be able to stay in our community. I would like to believe that the farming community will fully support our efforts to raise money to establish a hospital unit at Edale. We are asking you to donate the proceeds of one or more lambs that you have supplied to the works; Edale have negotiated with the processes for this donation to be forwarded directly to Edale. We would also be happy to accept a direct cash donation. For this to happen you will have to either tell your agent or fill in a separate Animal Status Declaration Form for the lamb you are donating.